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Quickly ramp up your expertise with essential hands-on training on a wide range of SAP technologies. Our educational sessions are designed for everyone from beginners to experts, offering hands-on workshops, demo-driven lectures, and Q&A sessions on today's hottest topics like, mobile, cloud, database, in-memory computing, and much, much more. Browse a list of our tracks for this year.

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  • SAP Technology Innovation and Strategy [TEC]

    This track provides insight into SAP's technology strategy, as well as roadmap information on the most important solutions in the SAP technology portfolio.

    In addition, sessions in this track demonstrate technology innovation within SAP's business applications and showcase how these technologies can be combined in real life scenarios. Sub-tracks include:

    • SAP Technology Strategy and Roadmaps
    • Technology Innovations in Action
  • IT Management [ITM]

    IT Management is all about the business of IT. First, an IT organization has to ensure that business applications are up and running to ensure business continuity at highest efficiency. Beyond this, IT truly can make a difference, if it rapidly delivers on new and innovative business processes.

    The IT Management track covers the corresponding processes in IT organizations: System landscape planning and guidance, system installation, solution implementation (including change, release, and test management), virtualization, solution and business process operations, IT service management, continuous improvements, maintenance, and upgrades.

    Learn about best practices in these areas to optimize processes within your IT team. Sub-tracks include:

    • Overview
    • System Landscape Planning and Guidance
    • Application Lifecycle Management
    • Run SAP Like a Factory
    • Virtualization and Cloud: Automation of System Provisioning and Copy
  • Enterprise Analytics [EA]

    In an age where information is abundant, state-of-the art technologies, strategies, and products are key to enable you to use this information to your company's advantage.

    This track shows business information architects how to create and implement strategies to manage efficiently information flows, from acquisition to handling and to distribution across the whole company.

    The sessions in this track explain how to use SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform and SAP solutions for enterprise performance management in order to manage big data efficiently, how to federate corporate information, and how make it available and usable to the business users in a ubiquitous way. Sub-tracks include:

    • Business Intelligence Platform
    • BI In-Memory, Mobile, and Cloud
    • BI Analysis, Reporting, and Dashboarding
    • BI Self-Service
    • Enterprise Performance Management Platforms
  • Real-Time Data Platform [RDP]

    Learn how the SAP Real-Time Data Platform provides a comprehensive suite of technologies that extend the power of SAP HANA to encompass data management, data movement, complex event processing, enterprise modeling and monitoring, and enterprise information management without system limitations. Also, find out the latest and greatest about data warehousing. Sub-tracks include:

    • Overview
    • Data Governance
    • Data Management and Deployment Strategies
    • Data Movement and Streaming
    • Data Modeling, Processing, and Monitoring
    • Data Warehousing
  • Process Orchestration, Integration, and Portal [POP]

    Learn how SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration – bundling SAP NetWeaver Process Integration (PI) and Business Process Management (BPM) – provides a comprehensive solution to develop, integrate, and run business processes spanning onpremise, business networks (B2B), cloud, and mobile.

    Gain process insights and take action in real time with SAP Operational Process Intelligence powered by SAP HANA. Explore how SAP HANA Cloud Integration, SAP's integration as a service offering, lowers the barrier for integrating SAP and non-SAP cloud and onpremise applications.

    Provide users a central, mobile-ready entry point to applications and services, collaborate and professionally manage your web content and documents with SAP NetWeaver Portal. Extend your business with external-facing scenarios using SAP HANA Cloud Portal. Sub-tracks include:

    • Process Orchestration and Integration
    • Intelligent Processes and Rules
    • Portal and Collaboration
  • Custom Development [CD]

    Today's business is undergoing a dramatic change. Customers need to analyze a huge amount of data. They are under pressure to build new scenarios quickly and to provide an attractive user interface (UI). Yet, everything needs to be integrated.

    SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud platform enable customers and partners to:

    • design and run new applications using big data

    • quickly start their projects and scale up according to business needs

    • build hybrid solutions using existing backend data and processes

    • create a compelling UI

    • extend SAP Business Suite and existing solutions

    • adopt proven methodologies and tools for agile development of enterprise-ready solutions

    Sub-tracks include:

    • Overview Building Applications Optimized for SAP HANA
    • Cloud Development and Backend Integration
    • User Interface Technologies for Cloud, On-Premise, and SAP HANA
  • Security, Identity Management, and Single Sign-On [SIS]

    Every system landscape needs to be secured. This track presents the different methods, functionalities, and configurations that will help customers run their entire system landscape in a secure environment.

    SAP NetWeaver Identity Management is the preferred product to be used to provision new user IDs in a system and create business roles in order to connect access rights for the newly created users.

    SAP ID service allows easy integration of SAP OnDemand products into customer infrastructures.

    Logon mechanisms are mainly standardized in today's system world. SAP NetWeaver Single Sign-On is one product for SSO for different GUIs and platforms, offering security tokens like Kerberos, SAML, OAuth and X.509 certificates.

    SAP NetWeaver ABAP Application Server 7.40 is the underlying technology for the SAP Business Suite on SAP HANA and offers significantly enhanced and expanded security functionality, for example – Read Access Logging that allows customers to track access to sensitive data. Furthermore we will highlight the planned vulnerability scan for SAP ABAP coding, Secure Code Scan.

    • Security and Secure Development
    • Identity Management
    • Authentication Capabilities – SSO and Federation
    • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Mobile [MO]

    SAP mobilizes the enterprise with a portfolio of access, management, development, and security tools as well as a variety of mobile messaging services.

    Attend these sessions to learn how to develop, deploy, and manage mobile solutions on major mobile platforms, which bring data from your SAP landscape to the mobile devices of your choice. Sub-tracks include:

    • Overview
    • Mobile Platform Design and Management
    • Mobile Application Development

2013 Hot Topics

  • Analytics
  • In-Memory Computing
  • Databases
  • SAP Business Suite Powered by SAP HANA
  • Mobile
  • Cloud
  • User Experience