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Do SAP TechEd your way:

  • Hands-on workshops: Take part in expert-led exercises and classroom training.
  • Demo-rich lectures:Dive deep into SAP's technology and platforms.
  • Customer-driven lectures: Hear real-life experiences from members of Americas' SAP Users' Group (ASUG).
  • Partner presentations: Watch partners showcase their solutions.
  • Product road map Q&A: Review future product directions.
  • Networking sessions with experts: Chat with conference speakers, SAP mentors, and more.
  • SAP CodeJam (mini editions): Collaborate with developers during hands-on coding sessions.
  • Code reviews: Assess real code examples and learn new tips and techniques.

Session Catalogs for Las Vegas and Berlin 2014 conferences will give you an idea of what will be offered in 2015. Browse sessions and abstracts for about 300 hands-on workshops and lectures.

SAP TechEd 2014 Track Descriptions

  • Technology, Strategy, and Innovations [TEC]

    Get insight into the SAP technology strategy as well as road map information on the most important products within our technology portfolio.

    Learn about technology innovations for the business applications from SAP, and see how these innovations are combined in customer-specific, real-life scenarios to provide significant business value for companies and their end users.

    • Technology Strategy and Road Maps
    • Innovations in Action
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  • Development and Extension Platform for SAP HANA and Cloud [DEV]

    Explore the most powerful technologies of the SAP HANA platform, and learn how you can write your own applications based on SAP HANA quickly and professionally. Get an overview of the development platform and native capabilities of SAP HANA, while also diving into the specifics of ABAP and SAP HANA Cloud Platform on top of the SAP HANA database core layer.


    • Overview: Development
    • Native Development with SAP HANA
    • ABAP Development
    • SAP HANA Cloud Platform
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  • User Experience and User Interface Development [UXP]

    Understand the SAP user experience (UX) strategy, how to apply a good design right from the beginning, and how to build modern user interfaces by adapting existing SAP UI technologies with the SAP Fiori apps paradigm. Discover how to use this UX strategy as a role model for developing a customer-specific UX. Explore how to create compelling UIs when using Big Data with SAP HANA in flexible deployments (on premise and in the cloud).


    • User Experience
    • Portal and UI Clients
    • SAP Fiori
    • UI Development
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  • Data Management and Modeling [DMM]

    Get a full introduction to the SAP Data Management portfolio, featuring the SAP HANA platform and SAP data management technologies. SAP HANA combines innovative database, data processing, and application platform capabilities, laying the foundation for various predictive, planning, text, spatial, and business analytics scenarios. Ultimately, this provides real-time decision support within windows of opportunity and powerful capabilities to acquire, store, and process Big Data in real time. You’ll also sample highlights of SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP Event Stream Processor, SAP IQ software, the SAP Business Warehouse application, and information management technologies.


    • Data Management, Big Data, and Deployment Strategies
    • Data Modeling and Processing
    • Data Movement and Streaming
    • Data Governance
    • Data Warehousing
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  • IT and Cloud Management [ITM]

    Most companies today run hybrid IT landscapes with solutions deployed on premise, in the public cloud, and in the private cloud. SAP helps you to operate, manage, extend, and adapt landscapes without disrupting the business. Learn how to plan, build, and securely run your hybrid landscapes.


    • Overview: IT and Cloud Management
    • Plan – Landscape Planning and Cloud Transformation
    • Build – Adapt to New Requirements
    • Run – Operate and Optimize Business Applications
    • Security, Identity Management, and Single Sign-On Functionality
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  • Cloud Integration, Orchestration, and Intelligent Processes [INT]

    Learn how cloud solutions are integrated: SAP and non-SAP, cloud with on premise. Explore how the cloud platform that SAP offers can simplify integration of your cloud and business network scenarios. Gain hands-on experience using SAP HANA Cloud Integration technology to address process, data, and user-centric integration in the cloud.

    Experience firsthand how to liberate your SAP data via simple application programming interfaces (APIs) using SAP Gateway technology and the SAP API Management application. Find out how to create engaging apps with an "anywhere world-class UX" for internal (business-to-enterprise, business-to-business) and external (business-to-consumer) needs.

    Dig into developing intelligent business operation solutions and smart process applications, including flexible workflows, task management, and rules on SAP HANA. Gain process insights and take action in real time with SAP Operational Process Intelligence software powered by SAP HANA.

    Understand how SAP Process Orchestration technology is optimized for SAP HANA. Learn how to develop processes and application-to-application, business-to-business, user-centric, and mobile integrations.


    • Integration on SAP HANA Cloud Platform
    • Intelligent Processes on SAP HANA
    • API Development and Management
    • Process Orchestration and Integration
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  • Enterprise Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Planning [EA]

    In this track aimed at business information architects and developers, learn to create and implement strategies to efficiently manage information flows – from acquisition to design, handling, and distribution within the whole company.

    Get the skills and insights you need to use cutting-edge SAP technologies, products, and development environments in all manner of ways. Manage and prepare big and small data for analysis. Enable collaborative business intelligence and planning workflows between IT, analysts, and business users. Unleash your creativity in extending and reusing the analytical capabilities of SAP technologies. And enable self-service analytical applications on all devices for all end users, including your own customers.

    Key technologies covered include SAP HANA, the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform, SAP Lumira software, SAP Business Warehouse, and predictive analytics tools.


    • Enterprise Analytics Overview
    • Preparing and Managing Data for Analytics
    • Managing Analytics Technologies Behind the Scenes
    • Consuming, Using, and Interacting with the Enterprise Data
    • Developing and Customizing Analytics
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  • Secure Development and Configuration [SEC]

    Explore how to create secure code, build mobile apps using OAuth as the authentication method, improve code quality using source code vulnerability analysis for developers, and use the security features and functionalities of the SAP HANA platform. Learn to use read access logging to control the enterprise, enable threat detection to secure the enterprise, or configure single sign-on mechanisms like Kerberos or SAML. Find out how two-factor-authentication can be used to further increase security.


    • Secure Development
    • Secure System Configuration and Setup
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  • Mobile Solution Development [MOB]

    SAP is taking the enterprise mobile with a portfolio of access, management, development, and security tools as well as a variety of mobile messaging services. Learn how to design, develop, and run mobile solutions that bring data securely from your SAP software landscape to the mobile devices of your choice.


    • Overview: Mobile Solution Development
    • Design Your Mobile Solution
    • Develop Your Mobile Solution
    • Run Your Mobile Solution
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