Demo Jam winners at SAP TechEd 2015 Bangalore

DemoJam –
Jam with the Best!

Wednesday, March 11 • 6:15 p.m.–7:30 p.m.

The ultimate developer competition! During the winter, SAP customers, partners, and employees submitted proposals to demo electrifying technologies and applications. Watch DemoJam at SAP TechEd and cheer for your favorite!

The submission deadline has passed – thank you to all who contributed! The DemoJam Selection Committee has reviewed all submissions and invited the best to compete on stage in front of the SAP TechEd Bangalore live audience. One ultimate winner will be determined by audience feedback.

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2015 Finalists Competing in Bangalore

Demo Presenter(s) Description

RESCUE-BOTS – A Solution Powered by SAP HANA
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Trinoy Hazarika, SAP

Raju Borda,
MSG Global Signapore
Nature has time and again shown us how powerful it is compared to us and natural calamities have every time resulted in great loss to human lives. "Hope", in these situations, is provided by the great work done by brave rescuers. But these rescuers are also at great risk of losing their lives. With the aim to help them save lives better, faster and more safely, whilst reducing risk to their own lives, we present BOTS. Powered by SAP HANA, this Internet of Things (IOT)-based app uses intelligent drones to detect living beings as well as hazardous objects during a rescue mission. Such information is uploaded to the SAP HANA Cloud Platform in real time to detect the best and safest evacuation routes.
EaseMyRide – An Internet of Things Solution Powered by SAP HANA
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Neha Bansal, SAP

Sunil  H P,
EaseMyRide is a solution for regular commuters of public transport and adds value to transport companies in their business processes. It is a mobile-based application that helps commuters travel comfortably without much wait. The solution uses the Internet Of Things, and is built on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It also involves integration with SAP ERP software for posting trip settlements and uses SAPUI5 technology for an intuitive interface, benefitting transport companies by enabling them to analyze the trip information.
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Shailesh Velaparambil,

Siju Pavithran,
Exa AG
Glide is an app that delivers a completely fresh take on carpooling. Unlike conventional carpooling apps, Glide eliminates the pain points of commitment, detours, and waiting time while promoting social interaction. Glide runs on the SAP HANA platform and uses predictive analysis to propose routes and pickup options for you. It is designed to be hands-free for the driver and super-simple to use for commuters. Simply walk to the curb, make a request, and wait for a new friend to pick you up. With Glide it is now possible to have real-time ride sharing and take a tiny step towards saving the planet. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
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Rajni Kumari and Kannan Presanna Kumar, SAP UI5CodeWalker is a gamified experience for learning SAPUI5 and OpenUI5. Since SAPUI5 is now open to everyone under OpenUI5, anyone can pick it up and start building UI5 apps. The UI5CodeWalker app tries to make learning UI5 fun and easy by providing a story-based game playing experience. The user picks up SAPUI5 skills as s/he plays guided missions and earns points, badges, and certificates as s/he progresses through the game. To ensure in-depth understanding of SAPUI5 controls and techniques, players are offered links to sample code and API Reference for further exploration. Players can also create SAPUI5 challenges for other players and participate in challenges created by other players to see how they fare compared with each other. These challenge submissions are reviewed and voted on by other players of the UI5CodeWalker community. UI5Codewalker is an app built on SAPUI5 to teach SAPUI5.
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Archana Shridhar and Lexin Sequeira,
The school dropout rate in rural India is extremely high, due to lack of motivation and lack of basic infrastructure such as toilets. To help combat this, we have developed our own community radio station using Raspberry Pi, to broadcast scheduled content to various community networks, and give people in rural India a chance at a promising education.

What it does: Success stories will be broadcast. Feedback and queries will be fed to a voice analytics module, to derive insights based on which user actions are performed. Committed volunteers will monitor complaints, so that we can build pressure on local authorities to take appropriate action. Mobile classrooms will provide opportunities to bridge gaps through volunteers. And a mobile app for English education will be interactive to suggest corrections.

How it works: Raspberry Pi is loaded with a radio transmitter program, and the content to be broadcast will be pushed from a server. A web application enables the administrator to schedule content to be pushed to the Raspberry Pi transmitters, to ensure that right and quality content reaches rural communities at their convenience and learning patterns. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is used mainly to collect feedback, complaints, success stories, and queries.
TinySteps | A Safer World for Tiny Toddlers
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Vaibhav Arora and Mitali Gadi,
TinySteps is an application developed using SAPUI5 technology that helps monitor kids indoors. It alerts parents whenever a kid wakes up, and it tracks and notifies them if a baby toddles into any dangerous spot of the home. It also keeps track of sleeping hours to maintain a Health Check for babies. Being a Cloud-based application, TinySteps can be used from anywhere to track the whereabouts of a kid.

The application aims to provide a safer environment for kids at home, schools, day-care facilities, or any indoor place by keeping a close check on their presence near any restricted/dangerous area. The sleep hour data recorded by TinySteps can be further used for analysis and maintaining a health report.

TinySteps delivers relief for parents, more power to school administration, and one tiny step-towards a safer, healthier world for kids.
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Suraj Jayakumar
and Rowan Menezes, BMS College of Engineering
With ever advancing modern hardware, software, and Internet services, paperless bills and warranty certificates are certain to hit the market with full force. Warranties for most of the products that are sold in today’s market are valid only if the physical warranty certificates are produced at the time of product replacement. This makes it necessary to keep the product packaging, receipts and warranty certificates in a safe place. But what if the bill is misplaced? Or what if the warranty certificate itself is missing?

e-Warranty, a web-based application built using SAPUI5 and SAP HANA Cloud Platform is a cogent app that helps us to overcome this ongoing problem.