Info Zone

Info Zone:
Fully Leverage the
Power of SAP

Show Floor, Hall C, Level 2
Tuesday–Thursday 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

The Info Zone showcases key SAP solutions, programs, and initiatives. Explore the subjects that most interest you at your own pace and in any order. The Info Zone is open during show floor hours every day.


  • IZ01: SAP Lumira
    SAP Lumira uncovers answers from your data in a fast and visually compelling way. The SAP Lumira booth is a one-stop shop to learn about the product, try it out on your own device with your own data, and discover how this software can meet your business needs. Stop by for an experience you won't get anywhere else with experts on-site to get you started.
  • IZ02: Partnering with SAP
    SAP and its partners share a common goal of increased revenue and lower operations costs. We will ensure partners know where to go for tailored advice, services, and on-demand resources that will help them to build knowledge, increase capabilities, and identify growth opportunities. We will answer general partner queries regarding partnering with SAP.
  • IZ03: How to Benefit from Certified Integrations
    Independent software vendors (ISVs) and partners looking to develop solutions with SAP should stop by to learn about the different programs and resources available for adopting the latest SAP innovations. Explore various technical enablement services and initiatives to maximize the value of software certification.
  • IZ04: SAP Active Global Support: Control Center Approach
    Build and Run SAP Like a Factory using the control center approach from SAP Active Global Support. Remove innovation barriers and transition to a real-time enterprise that's always on and always connected. Establish a foundation for accelerating innovation, deploying without disruption, and providing two value releases per year to the business.
  • IZ05: Get Started with SAP HANA and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud
    Learn from the SAP Services experts on how to speed time to value for your SAP HANA investments through on-premise or cloud implementation. Learn more about engineered services, rapid deployments, and high-value offerings to help you get started with SAP HANA deployment.
  • IZ06: SAP Education and Training
    SAP Education: Essential to Success. Sharpen your skills with flexible learning solutions from SAP Education with our comprehensive suite of courses, certifications, learning software, and services. We provide the learning solutions you need to meet both business goals and take your career to the next level.
  • IZ07: SAP Services: Co-Innovation with SAP
    Co-innovate with SAP on our custom mobile and business solutions for mobile and on-premise to create a unique user experience. Unlock the power of SAP to plan your business strategy with our experts on the latest SAP technologies including SAP HANA and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud. Create innovative opportunities and run like never before.
  • IZ08: SAP Services: Unlock the Power of SAP
    Accelerate your implementation of key SAP technology and solutions faster than ever with a new and simplified implementation experience, tools and accelerators. Whether deploying the SAP Mobile Platform and mobile apps, migrating to the cloud, or integrating a hybrid landscape, hear how you can jump-start your project and leverage best practices.
  • IZ09: Rapid Deployment of SAP Solutions
    Adopt SAP technology and innovations with ease with SAP Rapid Deployment solutions. Learn how to deploy or migrate to the cloud, or tackle big data and analytics. Improve data quality and governance, renovate user experience, and jump-start SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, on-premise or in the cloud with proven out of the box solutions based on best practices.
  • IZ10: SAP Data and Technology Services
    Whether it's assessing data quality and lifecycle management or implementing groundbreaking technology with SAP HANA and SAP Real-Time Data Platform on-premise or in the cloud, SAP data and technology services helps you to evaluate and rapidly deploy new technology innovations to create a cost-effective, agile, state-of-the-art IT landscape.
  • IZ11: SAP Runs SAP
    Have you ever wondered how SAP implements and runs its own solutions? Join SAP Global IT to hear its unique insights as an early adopter of SAP's innovations. Highlights include the upgrades of SAP's mission-critical systems to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, advances in analytics and cloud solutions, and its success with enterprise mobility.
  • IZ12: Run SAP Partner Program
    Run better with the Run SAP Partner Program and learn more about the Operation Control Center, Run SAP Like a Factory, and SAP Solution Manager for SAP HANA and its apps. Learn also about Run SAP Operation Partners and the benefits of the Run SAP Partner Program for you as a customer or partner, for example, SAP Solution Manager as a managed service.
  • IZ13: SAP Landscape Transformation and SAP Test Data Migration Server
    SAP's comprehensive solutions with its unique migration, real-time replication, and conversion technology meeting customers' requirements to adapt SAP innovations like SAP HANA, cloud, and SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, to transform, simplify, and optimize their existing SAP applications and IT landscapes or to accelerate real-time data replication sourcing from SAP and non-SAP sources.
  • IZ14: SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Duet Enterprise
    Create innovative, people-centric applications that connect employees, customers, and suppliers to SAP systems. Users can have quick access to SAP from within their everyday work environments like Microsoft and beyond. Experience demo apps built on SAP NetWeaver Gateway and SAP HANA that analyze real-time social sentiment data and work on voice input.
  • IZ15: SAP Innovation Center
    Building complex analysis pipelines in SAP HANA, understanding the dynamic runtime memory behavior, detecting issues in ABAP code or performing large-scale refactorings – all of these are complex tasks for software developers today. In a number of co-innovation projects, the SAP Innovation Center has come up with new ways to simplify software development.
  • IZ16: Corporate Social Responsibility at SAP
    Learn how SAP is driving social investments in the Americas and discover ways you can leverage as customers and partners. SAP Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) drives innovation in technology education for students, entrepreneurship to foster economic growth, and enables nonprofit organizations and social causes to run better with our solutions through technology donations.
  • IZ17: SAP Startup Focus
    SAP Startup Focus is an invitation-only program to help startups in the Big Data, predictive, and real-time analytics space develop new applications on SAP HANA and accelerate market traction. See how innovative startups are using the power of SAP HANA to extract value from Big Data and radically change industry status quo.
  • IZ18: SAP HANA Academy: Your Online Learning Source
    Come meet the experts of the SAP HANA Academy! Discover this free online resource that teaches customers, partners, and developers how to take advantage of SAP HANA for their business. Whether you are new to SAP HANA or looking to expand your usage, you will find what you need among our hundreds of practical videos and projects.
  • IZ19: SAP University Alliances: Imagine with Us
    Drive innovation from universities to the SAP ecosystem and build the talent of the future. With the LEARN, APPLY, SHARE, RECRUIT concept, SAP University Alliances functions as the channel for innovation from universities to the SAP ecosystem.
  • IZ20: SAP HANA Marketplace and hybris
    Learn more about the SAP Hana Marketplace and hybris. A marketplace enabling buyers and sellers to interact in ways never seen before, an integrated e-commerce and collaboration experience where the customer is truly at the center. See the new user experience, community integration and how omni-channel capabilities will influence the future.
  • IZ21: SAP Store: Now Open for Business
    The SAP Store is an online e-commerce channel for our customers to buy SAP and partner solutions that span applications, mobile, cloud, analytics, and database and technology portfolios. The SAP Store is open where and when you want to do business, 24X7.
  • IZ22: Build Your Applications Business with SAP
    SAP introduces the new SAP PartnerEdge program for Application Development – a market-leading partnering model complementing our market-leading platforms. It has never been as easy for SAP partners to build, market, and sell innovative applications.
  • IZ23: SAP HANA: Partner Engineering
    Accelerating the adoption of SAP HANA within the SAP partner ecosystem. Whether it's porting existing solutions, or building net-new solutions, we are your resource for success. We deliver customized engagement experiences that meet your needs – all the way from the technical phases of your project through the direct liaison into SAP expert network.
  • IZ24: SAP Co-Innovation Lab
    The SAP Co-Innovation Lab enables a spectrum of innovation emphasizing SAP and partner solutions spanning multiple technologies and industries.
  • IZ25: Learning in the Cloud
    SAP Learning Hub provides online, 24X7 access to all of the participant handbooks, e-learning, and delta training in the SAP global master curriculum. Learn in a way and at a time that suits you. Learners access content quickly and simply, without having to download any additional software. Access is subscription based.
  • IZ26: SAP Services: Big Data and Real-Time Analytics
    Find out what to consider before embarking on your Big Data journey and how SAP Services experts can help if you've already begun. From identifying the right business drivers, to defining the best implementation approach, our expertise in solution architecture, industries, and data analytics will provide you with unprecedented insights into your business.