Demo Jam winners at SAP TechEd 2013 Bangalore

Demo Jam winners SAP HANA-based M-Tolling at SAP TechEd 2013 Bangalore
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Demo Jam –
Jam with the Best!

Wednesday Evening, December 11

The ultimate developer competition! During the summer, SAP customers, partners, and employees submitted proposals to demo electrifying technologies and applications.

The submission deadline has passed – thank you to all who contributed! One ultimate winner will be determined by a live jury and audience feedback at each conference.

Whether you submitted a demo this year, are planning to submit a demo next year or just are curious about Demo Jam, check out the SAP TechEd Demo Jam section of the SAP Community Network. Here, you'll learn from past Demo Jam finalists and winners about what makes a truly memorable demo – for Demo Jam, your next customer presentation, or in any other context.

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2013 Finalists

Demo Presenter(s) Description
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Trinoy Hazarika, SAP

Raju Borda,
MSG Global
In this demo we will present Intelliden a new age home sweet and smart home. Intelli-Den is an application based on the concept of "Internet Of Things", which brings in a new dimension of how smart objects in a home interact with each other and with the people who stay in it. This smart home application is based on SAP HANA Cloud ,SAP Visual Enterprise and Smart Sensors. It can analyze your mood through sentiment analysis and control the smart objects like smart light, smart music automatically. It also monitors your heart beats and blood pressure using sensors and takes necessary actions in case of emergency.
Smart Rail - Enriching Rail Travel
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Mehul Shirish Panjuani, Wipro

Ashish Morzaria,
Railways are the lifeline of vast countries like China and India where people are quite dependent on the Railway Network. With a huge rail network and a large population there is a wide gap between Demand and Supply. Every year Rail Management puts in their best effort to increase trains, plan routes, add coaches to run their network more effectively and serve people better. More than 10 million daily travelers, results in 10 billion booking entries generated over a year. As a result it is quite difficult to get confirmed reservation unless tickets are booked much in advance and people's travel plans are paralyzed.

Smart Rail, powered by SAP HANA and Predictive Analytics addresses the above problem by analyzing billions of booking entries and enabling prediction of demand-supply gap for specific routes during specific periods. The algorithm provides predictive power in the form of custom visualizations created using SAP BusinessObjects and CVOM SDK. Thus enabling Rail Management with insights to optimize trains, routes and coaches serving people better. It also provides travelers with ability to predict and plan their journey better.
There is Something About ED2A
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Kaushik Hegde and
Kavya Srinivasamurthy,
The events and notifications generated by smartphone devices have become an integral part of our everyday life. We use them for our morning alarm, to get the Facebook status of a contact's incoming call, to switch the mobile phone on vibration mode, for being notified of an important meeting, get location notifications for friends around a particular location. But there is no way of integrating Enterprise events such as important issues with a customer, important clients to call integrated with device events without doing some kind of device-level coding. In this demo we show a platform we created which makes it is easy to integrate device events with enterprise events without any coding by leveraging Hana Cloud and the on{x} platform.
OLAP Explorer
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Manoj Mohana,
Netgear Research India Private Ltd

Mayur Belur Mohan, SAP
This innovation is a data exploration and Data discovery technique, which can be targeted on HANA Semantic views/Virtual cubes, OLAP Cubes or any generic Data Source as such. This is an example of Self Service BI approach makes database analysis easy and understandable to people who don't have Analyst profile. Here we decompose measure across various dimensions in an intuitive interface which implements Force directed graph drawing Algorithm. Also provides new iteration approach to do drill-up/drill-down operation on dimensions. We can validate the measure target while doing Data Discovery or Data Exploration.
Manual Instruction Generator for
SAP Notes
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Mayank Agarwal and Mrigank Chaturvedi,
Incture Technologies Pvt Ltd
SAP Notes containing code changes can be implemented automatically, however, notes that contain creation/modification of DDIC (ABAP Dictionary) objects need to be implemented manually. Writing such manual instructions for the changes can sometimes for the developer becomes lengthy, time consuming and also error prone specially if the changes are massive. Also, it becomes difficult to maintain proper standards and consistent terminology throughout the content. Our demo shows a tool which automatically generates manual instructions for the objects that are locked in the transport request. It is as easy as giving the transport number as an Input and getting the manual instructions straight away!
Demo Jam Winner:
SAP HANA-based M-Tolling

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Krishna Kumar, SAP

Prashant Nirmale,
EXA AG India Pvt. Ltd
On most highways toll collection is conducted directly by the infrastructure companies who build, operate and maintain roads. They typically use manual toll booths or some purpose-made device for automatic toll collection. This solution is however region-specific and lacks universal automation: the same payment device cannot be in different parts of the world. We aim at solving this problem using a smart mobile with NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities as the universal device for passing tolls.

We aim to remove human effort and reduce TCO in the toll software and its billing and settlement process. We deploy a cloud based application that caters to more than one infrastructure company. The infrastructure company benefits a lot by placing a NFC receiver in their existing setup: they save in time, costs, billing and invoicing effort, and manual labour. Lower TCO is guaranteed. The back-end settlement process is real-time and SAP HANA-based. Accurate billing and invoicing via payment gateways help the commuter and also the corporates. It saves time and ensures smooth traffic on highway. It solves the problem at both sides - Commuter/Customer as well as the toll company. Analytics on big data of nationwide commuters help in fine tuning public administration.